The Bright Side Experience

Hello readers, this blog is about positive mindset. Here you will find useful advice on how to shape your life in a positive way.

Life itself is SO WONDERFUL. It doesn't matter if things are good or bad right now in your life, because the common denominator is THAT YOU WOKE UP TODAY, and that's enough to be grateful.

Discover Positivity and Its Impact on Your Life

The importance of "The Here and Now"

The 99% of the problems one may have, are due to something that HAPPENED in the past, or something that you expect to HAPPEN in the future.

In order to surround yourself with positive thinking, you need to let go of past and future, and focus on the PRESENT.

How many times you've been on a travel, hanging out with friends, playing videogames, even going to work, and time has gone really fast? Well, it happened because you weren't worrying about Past and Future, you were focused on the activity you were doing, and that's the power of HERE and NOW.


"The Hand"

This theory applies to any situation where you need an answer that doesn't depend entirely of you.

The palm of the hand (what you see when looking at your hand) is what you know about a situation. Same way, the backside of the hand (which you don't see) is what you don't know, but you're getting anxious to know about it. Forget about the anxiety of "not knowing", just embrace the process, take action or focus on other things, but do no let the "back of your hand" dominate your mind.


"Do what you want whenever you want"

One of my mantras is to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Despite what you may think, this doesn't mean I don't follow rules or that I do whatever i want without considering the consequences.

This theory is about the importance of doing what you love, not what you are expected to do. Always having in consideration that you may be doing something you don't like but in a bigger picture YOU ARE DOING WHAT YOU LIKE.